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2023 in Rearview: The Lessons That Shaped My Year

Do you ever feel like you are starting from scratch time and time again?  In the past, my focus at this time of year would have been fixated on future goals and ambitions, neglecting the lessons and growth waiting in the rearview. No wonder every year felt like I was starting from scratch.

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The A-Model Guide for Line Manager Communication

The A-Model for Communication: A Guide for Line Managers

Mastering the art of effective communication within an organisation can be daunting, especially for line managers, who are the connective tissue between leadership and front-line employees. Research has highlighted the vital role that line managers play in organisational culture, particularly in reinforcing or modifying organisational practices (Cheney, Christensen, Zorn, & Ganesh, 2011). Hence, it’s not just the C-suite that crafts the culture and steers the ship; line managers translate abstract strategies into day-to-day actions.

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Team building

How A Team Building Workshop Can Boost Performance and Well-being

Are you looking to boost your team’s performance and well-being? Then, a team-building workshop may be the solution for you. By participating in team building workshops, your team can better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles. They can engage in interactive activities and exercises that promote collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity. 

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Boost Your Sales Productivity

Boost Your Sales Productivity and Results with These 7 Strategies

Achieving – and exceeding – your sales goals is not just about using the correct sales methodology but also about working smarter. You can optimise your performance and achieve better results by implementing the right techniques to organise and manage your work. Here are seven strategies to help you increase your sales productivity and achieve your quarterly goals:

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Managing stress

Managing Stress: How to support well-being at work as a manager

Stress is almost guaranteed in the professional realm, particularly if you’re tasked with leadership responsibilities. However, there’s a line between regular job pressure and the kind of stress that erodes your well-being at work. With burnout becoming increasingly prevalent among managers, this isn’t merely about navigating a to-do list—there’s more at stake.

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